new_yarsThe confetti has settled, and the champagne bubbles have fizzled. It’s back to the grindstone and time to get down to the business of 2012. January is a time for making resolutions and setting goals, and what better topic to resolve to improve than your Communications! So without further ado, here are our 12 Orgwide Communication Resolutions for 2012 – they might just revolutionize your communications too!




12 Communication Resolutions for 2012

  1. More is…well, more!—How many times have you heard someone say, “Didn’t I tell you?” or “Oh, I told Sally Jo but forgot to tell you.” More communication is critical as your team works together. It is important to check and recheck that everyone has received the same information.
  2. Use spell check.
  3. Like a train – stay on schedule—Regular communication helps prevent your team members from becoming overloaded by “popcorn” e-mail messages  Having a standard communications schedule also gives you the ability to highlight the importance of certain information compared to other messages  Click here to see how we can help keep you on track and on schedule.
  5. Can you hear me now?—Beyond hearing, is your audience listening and really understanding your message? Are your team members interpreting your messages how you intended? Do they understand their goals and objectives? Click here to see a sample of our team member survey.
  6. Clean out the inbox—Failing to respond is… just plain uncivilized.
  7. Keep it real—In a world of e-mail and smart phones, it can become easy to hide behind technology. When launching a new project or handling a conflict, direct communication gives both parties the opportunity to explain themselves and to seek immediate clarification.
  8. Use complete sentences.
  9. Plan your work, work your plan—As organizations grow and new technology becomes available, we are often faced with new communication challenges. By including communication strategies in the planning phases, organizations elevate their efficiency and limit possible issues. Click here to see a sample of a communication campaign.
  10. One should avoid talking about oneself in the third person.
  11. More than annual check-ups—Is one of your team members having problems with part of the project? Are two team members duplicating effort on a project? Checking in with team members on the status of projects can build team member engagement and allow you to prevent problems and streamline efforts.
  12. Me, myself, and I—They asked Sally Jo and me to help. I finished the project myself. Sally Jo and I went to the meeting.

What are your resolutions for 2012? Send us your resolutions and we’ll help explore how Orgwide might help you achieve them.

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