With Thanksgiving just a week away, the Orgwide Team has much for which to be thankful.  Some of our team members wanted to share their message with you (see below).  If you’d be kind enough to tell us what YOU’RE thankful for this year – you can CLICK HERE to share your “2014 Thoughts of Thanks!"


I am grateful this thanksgiving for being better than I deserve.

John Gillis
Senior Content Developer


After working as a contractor for a year, I have learned what an amazing place Orgwide is.  I couldn’t be happier finding a new home and working with such dedicated people. Life is good!

Michelle Reeder
Senior Instructional Designer


I'm thankful for my grandson's successful heart transplant.

Robin Taylor
Manager, Accounting


I am thankful for my all-grown-up, college freshman baby brother and my four crazy, yet adorable furry children.

Stephanie Hartigan
Social Media and Survey Analyst


I am very thankful that God continues to bless my family. Not just the Colvin family but my Orgwide family as well. I am also thankful that I was “born in the USA” where you can start with little or nothing and with hard work provide a good life for yourself and your family as well as give back to the community and make a positive impact on others.

Ed Colvin
Director, Facilitator Services


I am thankful for the opportunity to work in a job that I enjoy, with people that I respect and (bonus!) even really like! I am also thankful to live in a country where we are allowed to have a voice, and that strives to provide freedom and equality for all.

Ashley W. Sikora
Creative Director


I am thankful this Thanksgiving for my loving family, my crazy cats, my flexible schedule, and healthy habits that are about to be thrown out the window for the holidays!

Tiffany DeShazo
Senior Communications Designer

liz c

I’m thankful for my nephew’s new heart, our new puppy (Max), and my new role as PMO.

Liz Castellaw
Manager, Assessments & Business Analytics

Jim 2

I am thankful for my Family and the good health we are enjoying right now, my Friends and their support this past year, and the Cleveland Browns and Memphis Grizzlies for their best start in decades!

Jim Hartigan
Chief Business Development Officer and Partner


I am thankful for my family—my husband and three daughters. Without their unconditional love and support, I would not be able to do what I do!

Tracy Morrison
VP, Operations and Customer Support

Bob S

I am thankful this Thanksgiving for all the many freedoms we enjoy in America and to family, friends, a talented group of team mates at Orgwide who make it look easy (even though it always isn't) and to our valued customers for allowing us to gain their trust and confidence as we partner together.

Robert Speroff
Vice President, People Strategies and Services

RBovay 1

I'm thankful for an abundance of companies that need messages communicated to their employees, and for clients who give Orgwide an opportunity to meet their business needs by creating custom learning solutions. I'm also thankful for prospects who do not hang up on me mid-sentence when I call to let them know about the fascinating, award-winning work we do here at Orgwide Lastly, I'm thankful for a comfortable chair to sit in all day long and chocolate-flavored coffee to sip on (big grin).

Rick Bovay
Business Development

Liz G

I am thankful for our clients (friends, really) who continue year after year to entrust us as their thought partners to tell their stories. I'm especially thankful for the new and exciting opportunities that have come for my husband and daughters. Our lives our bountiful!

Liz Giovannini
Director, Special Services

Bob T 2

I am thankful for Drs. Boston and Cantor of St. Louis Children's Hospital. They (and their team) literally saved my grandson's life. I am also thankful for my Orgwide Services partner, Jim Hartigan. He (and the entire team) joyfully demonstrate what's possible, even in a difficult economy. I am particularly thankful for my wife, Robin. Without her support, nothing in my world works.

Bob Taylor
Founder and CEO


I am thankful for my husband, two giggly girls and a loveable yellow lab and for working with a creative team who values our clients, each other, innovation and dogs.

Kate Berg
Manager, Visual and Instructional Design


I'm thankful for the gift of family and friends who have hearts to see incredible beauty in simple things.

Thonda Boals Barnes
Chief Learning Officer


I am thankful this Thanksgiving for my family – wonderful, loving, supportive husband and two amazing, beautiful girls–my greatest gifts in life; my sister, who is my best friend and rock throughout all life's challenges; a career that gives me purpose, challenges me, and teaches me something every day. And above all, I'm thankful for Christ, who strengthens me and allows me to persevere.

Laura Ingle
Principal Content Developer

Ken bio

I am thankful this Thanksgiving for having a strong team of Orgwide designers and developers that make me look good in my introductions to new and interested training and learning prospects. Also, having just returned from a wonderful holiday week in Mexico with family and friends, but seeing the poverty and chaos of people's living conditions, I am thankful this Thanksgiving for being an American and having the blessings of abundance, comfort and beauty.

Ken Ball
Business Development


I'm thankful for being surrounded by the most bodaciously supportive and loving family and friends a guy could ever ask for and a clean bill of health. Oh, and Loud music!

Tommy Taylor
Manager, LDS


*Editorial note - With several team members thankful for Forrest's heart transplant, we thought you might like to see him. Here he is with his thankful grandmother!

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