EasterHuntScreenshotHappy Easter from Orgwide Services!

Have you been to an Easter Egg Hunt this year?  If so, you’ve seen the complete focus and engagement on all the children's faces as they stalk their prey…looking for sweet treats encased in plastic egg shells.  Top organizations around the world know that achieving employee engagement of this same chocolate crazed level will drive improved customer engagement and ultimately profitability.  At Orgwide, we build engaging activities into each training course we create, whether online or in the classroom.

CLICK HERE to practice your own fun “Egg Engagement” and find the eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny in the office.  Share the link with your co-workers, friends, and children and engage them as well!  If you want to build Egg Hunt/Chocolate Crazed focus and engagement in your employees – CLICK HERE or give us a call at 901-850-8190.

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