Audentes fortuna iuuat
(fortune favors the bold)

You are standing in the middle of a luxury gaming floor in Las Vegas.

You see the glint of the lights, the felt of the boards, the flash of the cards. You hear the flack, flack, flack of the cards shuffling, the whir of the roulette table, the rhythmic chiming of the slot machines. You feel the tension as each person studies their cards, shifts in their chair, and performs whatever small “luck bringing” ritual they cling to.

For some, it’s a talisman in their pocket, for others it’s the one they love (or like to look at) sitting beside them, for the guy in the corner it’s two tugs on the right ear and hoping that this next card will bring him the ever elusive SURGE of joy that only the winner experiences…

Lady Luck is the ever mysterious, sought-after harbinger of good times that we have long pursued. We wish for luck in business, luck in love, and luck in…life! We buy stones to hang from our mirrors and eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. But can you truly usher luck into your life?

I believe the answer is…yes. Yes, with a side of hard work, dedication, and the willingness to put in the extra hour. Here are a few suggestions to bring “luck” to your side in this year of the Monkey.

  1. Step up. Show up. 100% of people who do not try do not succeed. You will never make the shot you do not take. There are a thousand ways to say it, but whoever said you can’t fail? Of course you can (and you will), but you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. Now you can check “one way to do it” off your list. Move on to “another way to do it” and try that one.
  2. Funnel Your Effort. Yeah, we know you are “bloody brill.” You have so many good ideas that you cannot even stand still thinking about them. But, guess what? You will never succeed unless you funnel your efforts into the ideas you have the capacity for. Choose a goal and map out a series of steps to get there. Plan your work and Work your Plan.
  3. Look for the Opportunity- Systematically. It’s rare (we aren’t sayin it doesn’t happen, but it’s rare) that the perfect opportunity KNOCKS DOWN YOUR DOOR while you are sitting on the couch watching replays. You have to look. You have to beat the bushes sometimes — network (both online and in-person), and find other people with the same passions you have to support your efforts.
  4. Be Curious and Don’t be a Jerk. There is a world around you, be genuinely curious in other people’s interests and passions. Your sincere attention to them may reveal ideas you have not considered. Try to consider the other point of view—you might unlock a world you had not considered.

Thomas Jefferson famously said “I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”. While there may indeed be some luck out there in the universe for you, seize the initiative you have inside and work hard for your dreams. We hope you find the path to them in this year of the Fire Monkey.

Good Luck.

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