GMcL2014aSynergy is defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more people to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.  It is the power/passion unleashed within companies that drives it to greater heights of success.  Synergy is a result of purposeful planning – and training - within a company. 

It has been said: 

You will know a company’s passion by where the money is spent.

 Follow the money and you will see what the company values. 

So, I follow the money and realize that the one constant investment every company makes is in its people:  recruitment, salaries, benefits, and office overhead expenses.

The amazing fact about making such an investment is many companies still face the same challenge: How to maximize a return on their salaried investments.  People say that training is a “soft/optional investment”: a luxury that may or may not be afforded.  I say that good training, when measured, is an essential investment that guarantees a return on the money spent in salaries by building synergy among all personnel. 

Yes, you might say I come from a biased point of view; since I am a training consultant.  While true, I became training consultant because I witnessed waste in moneys invested in employees as evidenced by:

  • People procrastinating with some work,
  • People complaining to others and draining energy from the work force,
  • Colleagues not working well together and avoiding one another,
  • Employees being fired over areas that could have been improved upon with coaching,
  • Employees not working at standard levels of performance,
  • Employees coming to work with attitudes detrimental to the work environment,
  • Managers frustrated with under-performing employees
  • And more!

What employee/performance issues are today costing you and your company money

I also come from another bias, I believe that work is work; it is not called vacation or retirement for a reason.  It is work; and there may be tasks or people that you may not like or enjoy.  I’m okay with that idea.  The challenge is: How do we get all employees to be “okay” with that idea?  How do we get employees to manage the work and people they don’t like and maintain productivity? 

I am candid enough to admit that there is no one single answer to the above question; however, I believe a few foundational standards in training need to be met for every company:

  1. Know thy self - Provide each employee with a clear understanding of their working style so they know how to manage themselves better.  I recommend the DISC Personal Profile because it keeps what is simple, simple.  It is easy to understand, apply and remember.  My focus is not only on immediate measured results, but also on long-term sustainable results.
  2. Improve thy self - Have a plan to hold each employee accountable for improving specific limits in an agreed upon period of time.  I believe all employees should be empowered to improve who they are at work!  They can improve one extra degree at a time when given the opportunity.  Here, you are improving your investment through getting better energy from each employee. 
  3. Support others - Allow employees to have support in changing/growing.  Give them a peer accountability partner to coach them, affirm them in their improvements.  Here, you get greater energy through building a synergy of support for improvements. 
  4. Know thy job – Be certain each person has a clear list of “non-negotiables” that must be managed.   Have a generated list from the employee and the manager and then rank simply on if there is a talent of a development need.  Use the synergy you have built together to create a plan to manage the development areas. 
  5. Celebrate success! Show appreciation for the successes and you’ll increase the likelihood they’ll keep improving.

Training that gives each employee the insights needed to understand how they prefer to work, how they can work better with one another and how to manage the demands of the job improves your chances of success!

As you release the power of synergy in your company, you will realize the endless benefits of increased productivity, loyalty and morale.  As every team member unites to focus on not only their own success, but also the success of their colleagues and company.  What greater return on investment could you have?

About the author:  Grace McLaren

Grace McLaren is a passionate consultant with over 25 years experience helping clients enjoy improved results.  She is committed to bringing about measured change that is sustainable by working with teams/individuals through training and coaching.  She is a guru in creating synergy within companies. 

Grace holds a M.ED. in counseling and personnel with an emphasis in group process.  Her clients benefit from her ability to identify what is best needed in training and coaching and to fully customize/adapt her training to support the company, its goals and employees.

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