commFITAre you the type who views public speaking or presenting to a group as a form of cruel and unusual punishment?  Like it or not, in today's highly competitive world it is becoming more and more important for you to be an effective communicator, and that doesn’t just mean writing a good email!

 Your ability to get your message out and tell your story live and in person in this age where we are constantly being bombarded with multiple forms of media is more critical now than ever before.  Having this ability leads to success in your career and in your social and personal relationships.  However, lacking effective communication skills can limit your success in those very same areas.  The good news is that, here at Orgwide, we’re not only expert public speakers, we delight in helping others become experts as well!

Let's face it, the ability to deliver great, informative presentations or speeches is a gift that some people just seem to have.  When this gift is used to communicate an important message in the right way, the speaker, their organization, and the audience are all the beneficiaries of a clearly-articulated story.  But when giving a speech, making a presentation, or merely speaking in a team meeting, people lacking this gift can become fearful, tongue-tied, or in many cases, so anxious that they simply refuse to do it.  They begin to suffer from what is known as glossophobia.  Glossophobia is the technical term given to the severe fear of public speaking, or as some call it, speech anxiety.  Glossophobes tend to freeze in front of an audience, their mouth dries up, their voice gets weak, and their body starts shaking.  Some may even break out into a bad sweat, turn red, and feel their heart rate racing rapidly.

Glossophobia can be particularly crippling because, in many cases, people need to be able to stand up in public and speak or talk to one or more people during the course of their workday just to get the job done.  The occasions on which you can be called upon to talk, depending upon your profession, can be numerous.  It ranges from presenting an idea to your manager or your team to addressing an auditorium of employees about an important work-related issue.

But glossophobes: there is hope!  To help you with your speech anxiety, Orgwide is now offering a five step communications training workshop called commFIT. CommFIT offers fitness boot camp style training in communications which will prepare you to speak to any audience, in any setting, with clarity and confidence.

Participants of the workshops will be introduced to the framework of commFIT with real world examples and illustrations to make the common-sense approach of commFIT clear, understandable, and applicable.  In the commFIT workshops we will condition you through our five step training modules where you will be taught to be thoroughly prepared to identify, formulate, and execute an effective connection with your audience.

CommFIT teaches you the proper techniques to use to rehearse and prepare for your speech or presentation.  You will also learn how to speak with empathy as well as authority.  In our workshops participants are taught the proper way to frame a presentation, judge the audience’s level of interest, and how to tell your story.

These workshops cover the importance of citing facts, demonstrating expertise in the subject, and how to anticipate questions.  CommFIT training also instructs participants on the psychology of body language, and presents tools on how to reduce your anxiety when communicating.

CommFIT's unique training program includes a demonstrable path to overcoming your communication fears.  It’s not just theory – we’ll capture video as you practice giving a presentation and you’ll be able to see your improvement!  You will get the opportunity to see yourself as others do and receive feedback and coaching from a seasoned and effective master facilitator.

Here at Orgwide we strongly believe that the ability to give a good presentation is a skill that can be coached and developed.  With the proper instruction and tools a person can go from giving a confusing, disjointed presentation or speech to one that is outstanding and memorable.

Becoming an effective communicator, like any skill, takes practice and time to hone and refine.  With Orgwide's commFIT training we will get you in shape and help you develop exceptional communications skills which will give you the ability to communicate with clarity and confidence.  So what are you waiting for?  Call us today to learn more about commFit!

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