Valentine’s Day.  Love is in the air.  The holiday of amour brings the opportunity to both send and receive special treats. A few weeks ago, we were doing some cleaning at the Orgwide offices when one team member uncovered a special treat - a dusty old treasure chest deep inside a utility closet.  Now, I know a dusty old treasure chest may not seem like a treat to you, but stay with me here.  No one had ever seen the chest before. Our curiosity got the best of us and a crowbar was lovingly taken to our little Valentine’s treasure.  It turns out the chest was some type of time capsule that included some pretty awesome stuff.  For example, I had to explain to my young co-worker the reason behind my excitement in once again becoming the proud owner of a pale blue polyester leisure suit!  Anyhow, perhaps the most interesting thing we found in the chest was an old reel-to-reel tape that contains audio from a radio show from the 1970s called The Love Doctor 

You’ll get a chance to hear a clip from the show in just a moment.  Before you do, allow me to set the stage.  The host, Mr. Chaz Lavelle, is talking to his callers, who happen to be managers and leaders of various organizations, about a process called “LLA” or Listen-Learn-Act.  “LLA” is a process that helps to improve communication between managers and their team.  The good doctor likes to relate the concepts to how we feel when we are “in love.”  For instance:

  • Listen – In business, this entails conducting Employee Opinion or Climate Surveys.  Finding out what’s on your team’s mind.  In relationships, isn’t it funny how we well we really listen?  We love listening to their stories, we love the sound of their voice, and we are totally into everything they have to say!  We can’t be around them and listen to them enough…Shouldn’t that be the way we interact with our teams?

  • Learn – For managers, this means having effective Feedback Loops – it’s not enough to just listen, we much be learning what our team needs and wants (tools, supplies, training, etc.) in order to produce the results desired of them.  When we are in love with another person, we learn what they like too – their favorite restaurant, their favorite music, what foods they like, their favorite color, what TV shows, books, etc. they enjoy.  Essentially, we want to know what makes them happy!  Do our teams deserve any less?

  • Act – Listening and learning are hollow until a manager acts on this new found knowledge.  Making improvements to the working environment, implementing team member suggestions, modifying processes and procedures to eliminate frustration and waste are all examples of taking action from what a manager learns from his team.  When you are in love your actions change too.  Demonstration of your love through your actions…both expected and unexpected – is how we show our commitment to others.  On Valentine’s Day, it might be buying flowers or candy going to dinner or just sending a card.  In everyday life, it might simply mean picking up your clothes, taking out the trash, helping with the laundry, or putting the toilet seat back down.   

Now that we have some background, CLICK HERE to learn more by about LLA by listening in to the soothing and sage sounds of Chaz Lavelle, The Love Doctor.

Oh, the wisdom of Doctor Love, Chaz Lavelle.  Isn’t it a shame he’s no longer on the air?  What a great Valentine’s Day treat for us all to remember though! When it comes to business, what’s love got to do with it?  As the good doctor would say, “Everything, Baby!”  Treat your employees (and your customers!) with the same love and devotion that you do the love of your life!  Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  Until next time, remember to take care of your customers, take care of each other, and take care of yourself!

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