The results are in!  The first annual Orgwide Thanksgiving Survey gives us undisputed (so far, anyway) evidence on how you rate the glorious, delicious, foods of the traditional Thanksgiving Feast. Stop drooling already – here are the results:
Traditional Cooking - 60% of you will take the tried and true path to ROASTING your Thanksgiving Turkey.  Interestingly, almost 23% will FRY their birds this year…Be careful with that hot oil folks – but you gotta love fried turkeys!
More is…well, MORE! – Over one-third of respondents will eat 2 or more Thanksgiving feasts!  Our follow-up question is:  When do you nap when you eat twice or more???
Zzzzzzzz… - The number one thing to do after feasting is to SLIP INTO A TRYPTOPHANIC COMA, with nearly 50% of respondents rating that # 1.  Once awake, it’s time for FOOTBALL, then PLANNING FOR CHRISTMAS.  The dishes wait until Friday.
YUMM! – The top ranking side dish was DRESSING with 89% rating it “Delicious” and “Incredibly Delicious.”  CRANBERRY SAUCE is the least favorite side with 45% rating the gelatinous goo as “Not Terrible” or “Yuck.”
Green Bean Casserole OR Employee Surveys?  – Close to the end, 40% of respondents said their company conducts Employee Surveys while 34% just wanted another helping of those Incredibly Delicious Green Bean Casserole!  If you want to learn more about how Orgwide can help you with YOUR Employee Surveys (or for our Green Bean Casserole recipe) click here.
Training Gotta Have it!  – Good Training “must haves” for 52% of respondents included Learning Objectives, to Be Interactive, and to include Candy and Flip Charts (lots of both)
From all of us at Orgwide, we GIVE THANKS this holiday season for each of YOU.  Thank YOU for sharing your thoughts about Thanksgiving!

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