cuttingribbon qbIn response to impassioned pleas from their adoring team members, relentless lobbying from their families, and increasing levels of client and project volume, Orgwide has named two new executives to lead their team of U.S.-based, highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary instructional designers, communication experts, multi-media professionals, and assessment specialists.

Selected as the firm's CLO and Vice President of Instructional Design, Ms. Thonda Barnes will manage, lead, and mentor our team of instructional designers in the use of Orgwide's proven Course Development Methodology and adult learning principals.

Thonda's education and leadership experience create a unique combination of creative and analytical skills that have resulted in a broad range of accomplishments. The majority of her 28 years of experience was at FedEx Corporation where she served in customer service, global community relations, and primarily, leadership development. Thonda's instructional design skills were honed in FedEx Corporation's Leadership Institute where she designed curriculum for classes, videos, speaker series, and online learning for the global management team of over 9,000 leaders.

When asked to comment on her promotion, Ms. Barnes said, "I'm sorry, were you talking to me?"

As the new Vice President of Operations, Ms. Tracy Morrison is responsible for managing, leading, and training our team of developers in the planning, development, and delivery of engaging and effective scientifically-based eLearning and instructor-led learning experiences.

Prior to joining Orgwide in 2006, Tracy spent nine years working at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Tracy reported directly to the Chief Information Officer at St. Jude's and provided support to all members of the ITS Leadership Team. Tracy's responsibilities required extensive interaction with ITS staff for gathering requirements, definitions, business process flows, project management, technical documentation, and training requirements.

When asked to comment on her most recent promotion, Ms. Morrison said, "You'll need to take a number. Has anyone seen Thonda?"

Yep ... they both are going to be wildly successful!

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