Since first opening their doors in 2004, Orgwide Services has effectively leveraged the extensive instructional design and development experience of the team to grow the organization into what it is today: the trusted learning, communications, and survey partner of dozens of clients, including Hilton Worldwide, IKEA, Cracker Barrel, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Tractor Supply Company.  

However, after a decade of faithful service, the Orgwide team is now poised to make a dramatic future forward step by moving “back to the basics” and the introduction of the Quill and Scroll 2, to be known as “QS2” as its new primary authoring tool.

Orgwide founder and CEO, Bob Taylor, is the leading force behind this innovative move.  Taylor, a passionate historian, has been a student of various authoring tools for many years.  A self-described multi-media geek, Taylor began cultivating his interest for authoring tools in 1958 with his first 64 count box of “Crayolas.”  When asked about the quill and scroll movement, Taylor went on a kaleidoscope rant stating, “Most people don’t realize that many of your favorite crayon colors have been renamed through the years.  Did you know that Midnight Blue was originally Prussian blue?  Or that Laser Yellow was first known as “Chartreuse.”  What we know today as “Blush” was originally named after that tasty juice cocktail we refer to as Cranberry.”  When pressed about the QS2 initiative, he said; “Yeah, Storyline is cool, but our clients expect us to innovate and be forward thinkers.    We had some early promising results with a chisel and tablet, but getting the final output to conform to SCORM standards proved too tedious. That and the “dust” issues led us to QS2.

As the firm pushed to innovate the authoring tool landscape, the number 2 pencil was strongly considered.  “I’ve been a big fan of the number 2 pencil” stated Taylor, “in fact; I did a white paperThe O3 way – that predominately used the number 2 pencil as its main authoring tool with an A-3 sheet of paper.  Having said that, there is just no substitute to reading a great document authored on a rolled up scroll with an authentic goose feather.”

Orgwide Chief Development Officer and Partner, Jim Hartigan, led the QS2 effort.  “I’m a big Russell Johnson fan and I worked night and day to develop a new tool using coconuts.  Unfortunately, every effort was sabotaged by a variety of mishaps, including attack by the rival competitive Rootingy tribe” said Hartigan.  “In spite of having to cast away my original idea, I believe the QS2 product will be one that will fly off the shelves” Hartigan continued.

Orgwide plans to roll out its use of the QS2 by mid-2014 and expects quick adoption after earning approval from the ASPCA.  For more information visit www.orgwide.com

About Orgwide Services

Orgwide Services is uniquely qualified to help our clients compress the time to mastery through the creation and delivery of effective and efficient custom training programs.  Our current client list includes Fed Ex, Hilton Worldwide, IKEA, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores, and Tractor Supply Company, and many others; all of whom we have partnered with to create a wide variety of customized training programs, including both classroom and interactive eLearning educational assets. We have extensive experience in the multi-unit operating environment and in creating the behaviors that deliver high levels of customer service and a strong brand promise and we have authored material hosted on a number of different Learning Management Systems.

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