New mirrors brand personality

Like a new parent, we're incredibly proud of our new baby and are REALLY EXCITED to share our new website with everyone!

THANK YOU FOR VISITING our new, sleek, clean, and dare we say TOTES AWESOME...!

Here are some popular areas that you might want to check out:

“Meet the Team”: Videos Biographies, instead of stodgy resumes, allow us to share a little of our team members' personalities!

“Useful Tools”: We are adding in and sharing some of our Course Development Methodology - for free! (Don’t miss the funny video here sharing some important tips!)

“Our Clients”: We are proud of the clients we are privileged to partner with, come check out our constantly growing Client Tree.

And what’s with that crazy orange ninja-looking thingy in the top right-hand corner? Click on it, only if you dare…

We would love to hear what you enjoy seeing, so drop us a line. For those of you who we accidentally lost in cyberspace during our migration, please click here to read last week’s blog “Customer Service – it ain’t what it used to be.

So go ahead, storm our servers and #breaktheinternet while you enjoy the all new

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