Blog_Graphic_072616_aws.pngSome hours seem to fly past, and others seem to creep, but at the end of the day as a busy mom, graduate student, and teacher, I never seem to have quite enough of them. Until someone figures out how to add more time to the day, I’ve had to figure out how to get more into the hours I have. Mobile technology has proven to be a useful tool in helping me manage my time, family, and money. I’m not in the minority when it comes to accessing digital content using mobile devices.

All Things Mobile reports more than half of digital content is now consumed on mobile devices. Cross- platform consumption, accessing the Internet using both mobile devices and desktop computers, is the norm today. Here are a few ways I use digital content on my mobile devices to help efficiently use my time.

Shopping- In order to maximize time, I use the apps Buy Me a Pie and Recipe Search Engine. I use the app to plan and organize the meals each week. When I select a recipe, a list of items populates to let me know what to buy. I use the Out of Milk app to receive notifications of deals and savings available at stores in my area. Shopping goes more smoothly, and I don’t buy things that I don’t need. This app has helped me save tremendous time and money.

Online Banking- I love online banking! It’s convenient and open 24 hours. I can pay my bills using bill pay. No more sitting down and writing checks, licking stamps and dropping bills in the mail. It saves me time and, I can save my stamps to send my Memaw letters (she only uses snail mail). I don’t even have to make a trip to the bank to deposit checks. I can access my account anytime and anywhere.

Synced Calendars- My daughter is actively involved in extracurricular activities, which became a bit difficult to keep up with at times. She would come home with a reminder about a PTA meeting, and I would have already scheduled something else. Then we discovered Google Calendars! All of our schools use Google Calendar as well. I’ve synced all of our calendars to my phone. When we synced our calendar, scheduling conflicts were no longer an issue. I know about all the PTA meetings, school breaks, teacher’s meeting, and games. Additionally, my family knows when I am unavailable when they see my calendar.

Cloud Service to sync my devices- I quickly learned that I did not want to cart my laptop everywhere with me. After loosing irreplaceable files, I discovered cloud storage! I could use it on my Mac and PC, I can send large files via a link in email, I can access the files anywhere via Internet connection, and it is a great backup. When I ran out of free space, I found purchasing additional memory would not break the bank. All of my documents, pictures, and videos are backed up in the cloud.

These are just a few of many tools I use to access digital content on my mobile devices. I certainly appreciate how mobile devices provide the opportunity for ubiquitous computing. 

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