CDM_Ninja.jpgAt Orgwide, we are committed to delighting our customers with sound instructional design delivering custom learning solutions. Our clients have rewarded this commitment with sustainable partnerships allowing the Orgwide team to help make their training successful. You might recall our recent blog about storytelling, which is integral to our course development methodology (CDM), but that’s not the full story. We can hear your questions through the internet cosmos… “Yeah, storytelling is cool, but what’s the real story on how Orgwide makes the learning stick?”

Grab yourself a latte for a quick listen — our story goes something like this…

The Orgwide Story

Once upon a time, there was a team of Orgwide Ninjas who created a Course Development Methodology (CDM) with some handy-dandy Instructional Design tools to help organizations learn in optimum ways.

Every day, the Ninjas would use the CDM to create customized learning solutions for their clients.

One day, a client said, “Wow, we sure wish we could do for our company the same things Orgwide does for us.”

Because of that, the Ninjas freely shared their ancient wisdom in the spirit of collaboration and commitment to serving their clients.

Because of that, the Ninjas discovered even better ways to enhance the methodology and incorporate new ideas into the CDM.

Until finally, the Orgwide Ninjas launched a new and improved CDM to share with all of their clients. All around the world better training is now possible for all…

What’s New?

Pretty sweet story and even better results! The new Orgwide CDM was redesigned to build upon the tenets of the original version which was already learner-focused and instructionally sound. Some of the enhancements are:

  • Integrated new ideas to make the learning “stick.”
  • Organized for more effective project management.
  • Introduced a proven story arc that helps “tell fascinating stories of inherently dull things.”
  • Incorporated powerhouse tools for instructional designers that capture the Behavioral Foundation for creating the ultimate ID Learning Map.

Make the Learning Stick

Orgwide is always researching and incubating new ideas to enhance the learning process, and one interesting resource we found is "Make It Stick" by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, and Mark A. McDaniel. The CDM gleaned a few effective techniques that retrieve more learning from memory, and built them into the course development process. This enables the learner to retain important concepts and information far beyond the actual learning experience.

Organized for More Effective Project Management

The newly organized CDM is broken down into six phases:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. Design
  3. Student Experience
  4. Content Development
  5. Testing and Measurement
  6. Course Evaluation and Project Close

The beauty of this new organization is that it allows you to manage course development with proven project management principles. It begins with a Project Initiation that establishes accountability and expectations for the team. This phase also addresses the “big picture” questions such as course evaluation strategy and project management documentation.

As we move into the Design Process, there are parallel tracks for ILT and eLearning. At the forefront of the design process is the Student Experience to engage the minds and the imaginations of the learners. It moves through Content Development with keen attention to both visual and instructional design. Testing and Deployment addresses the implementation of the learning including technical and logistical details. Finally, the Course Evaluation and Project Close phase focuses on post-implementation support, project debrief, lessons learned, and measurement reporting.

The Story Arc

The story arc enhances the Student Experience in a way that provides context for the learning and an experience on how to apply it. The story arc is a performance-proven formula combining solid instructional design principles and imaginative stories to create a learning experience that changes behavior, improves performance, and achieves goals! If you want to refresh your memory on the value of the story arc, check out our recent blog at

Powerhouse ID Tools

Two new tools in the new CDM provide tremendous power in aligning the learner’s behaviors with the creation of the learning experience.

  • Behavioral Foundation
  • ID Learning Map

The first tool, Behavioral Foundation, helps you define and identify the behavioral aspects for the learner. It centers on the familiar model of what the learner needs to Know, Do, Be and Achieve. Once behaviors are clearly defined, the next tool, ID Learning Map, creates the framework for all of your instructional design. This tool connects the behavioral foundation with specific learning objectives and treatment. Our clients who use this tool can attest to its value in streamlining the instructional design process.

Let’s Hear Your Story

Well, that’s our story. We hope it gives you a glimpse of our course development methodology and leaves you wanting more. If you want to start a conversation about how the new and improved CDM can help develop your story, just give us a call, send an email, or check out our website We’re your partner for customized learning solutions! 

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