Deepin the mystery of the ages, there emerged a legend…

a legend so still, so secret,

that it was only heard in the whispers of cool winds in the darkest nights,

and only seen in faint glimpses hovering above dim campfires

by the truest of hearts. A legend, known only as…

The Orgwide Ninja.

Click Here to See The Orgwide Ninja’s Video

To see a few example pictures of the Orgwide Ninja in his natural habitat, visit www.Orgwide.Com/Ninja-pics.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know an Orgwide Ninja and join the Orgwide Ninja Revolution by simply completing the CONTACT FORM on our website and you will be entered in drawing for a special delivery of a your very own Orgwide Ninja and a dozen of our amazing Ninja Cupcakes. (Cupcakes are to Ninjas what Reece’s Pieces were to E.T.)

Of course, if you’re facing an immediate learning or training challenge that calls for the Orgwide Ninja Team to back you up, just reply to this message or give us a call at 901-850-8190!

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