Quick, think of your favorite brand. Is it Nike, with the iconic swish? Is it Coca-Cola with the wavy line and perfect red background? Is it Apple with the monochrome light glowing? Every brand identity that is burned into our public consciousness came from a clearly defined and recognizable images and phrases that foster customer loyalty. According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is a “name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services as distinct and unique.” What is YOUR “personal brand?” What do you stand for – and more importantly - How can you stand out from the crowded marketplace?

As the Creative Director for Orgwide, I work directly with many companies (large and small) to identify, use, or create their organization’s Brand Identity. Within a larger company, it might be for a specific program or initiative; and with a smaller company, it might be taking them through the very first steps and shaping a completely new look and feel for them across all of their collateral. It all starts with learning the company’s story that we want to tell. No matter what the scale of the project, I have learned that getting to know the company by immersing myself in their culture is very important to deliver with confidence a brand look and feel that “belongs” to them.

Taking that learning, I have identified four steps to help YOU think about and develop your own PERSONAL BRAND.

  1. What do you stand for? This is where you spend time digging deep into what you stand for, maybe developing a personal mission statement. We have blogged about mission statements before. Identify:
    a. What do you do for others?
    b. Who do you do serve (who do you do it for)?
    c. How do you do it (what is special about you)?

  2. Clarification of Attributes: Here is where we take a personal inventory. What are your Personal Brand Attributes? What are your strengths & weaknesses? What advantages over others do you possess? What specifically do you want others to think/say about you?

  3. Target Customer: When we talk with organizations, this is where we identify exactly what their customer looks like and what behaviors they may have. For your Personal Brand, think about it this way - What needs of others do you strive to fulfill?

  4. Brand Persona: Again, for organizations, we ask, “If this brand/company were a person, who would it be? For your Personal Brand – What famous person is most closely aligned to your personal mission, attributes, and needs you fulfill for others?

As we work through these topic areas with our clients for their organizations, a very specific and clear brand identity starts to emerge. As you work through them for yourself – a specific and clear Personal Brand should emerge as well.

Defining a consistent, specific Personal Brand identity is increasingly important to communicate and differentiate yourself from others in the market, and to let those around you know and recognize your value to the company. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd a little - it might be exactly what your business needs to be noticed.

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