Have you ever gazed in wonder and awe at the carvings of the faces on Mount Rushmore and reflected about the wonderful sales flyers they must have had during their day…and how proud they would be to be ambassadors of incredible savings?

A quick scan of online polls about this long weekend show people have a generally pleasant but ambivalent attitude towards the day we celebrate some of our Country’s most influential leaders. (The strongest sentiment leaning toward happiness that we do have a day off, but a puzzlement about why.)

Instead of sending you a “WOW, BUY SOMETHING NOW” coupon today, in honor of our leaders­— past and present, we have created a quick poll for you to see where your personal presidential preferences lie. Please scroll down below to take our quick 3 question survey.

Let’s take a few minutes to remember the Presidents that have shaped our Great Country, the personalities that stood fast in the face of so many adversities, and the extraordinary potential we still have as Americans.

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