What is commFIT?

CommFIT offers fitness-boot-camp-style training in communications, to prepare you to confidently speak any truthful message to any audience in any setting. CommFIT provides practice and feedback opportunities to execute a communication plan within a provided framework, perform with excellance in any situation and clear any hurdle that may face you or your business.

Who would benefit from commFIT?

  • Reducing your anxiety about talking to others.
  • Communicating in such a way that your messages are clear, truthful and advance your and your organization’s goals.
  • Thinking proactively about your messages and speaking effectively.
  • Anticipating questions that may be asked and preparing truthful answers to advance your goals,
  • Being viewed as a confident and capable communicator.

What is involved in commFIT training?

  • Participants will receive facilitation, introducing them to the framework of commFIT, with examples and illustrations that will make the common-sense approach of commFIT clear, understandable and applicable.
  • Each participant also will receive handouts with reminders of what they have learned.
  • Participants are interviewed in intense, journalistic fashion, and the interview sessions are video-recorded.
  • Each participant receives individual feedback and coaching based on his or her video-recorded interview.

What will commFIT training teach me?

  • The importance of citing facts and using well-established evidence in speaking.
  • Showing knowledge of facts and the feelings that go with them.
  • Exercising the psychology of body language, staying positive, stating your core message three times and focusing on your message and your audience.

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Ed Colvin

Director, Facilitation Services

Ed has over 30 years of management, leadership, team buildingand communications skills training experience. Prior to joining Orgwide Services, Ed worked for FedEx Express for over 33 years where he was a member of their management team for over 18 years. During his career at FedEx Express, Ed was selected for a special assignment where for five years he facilitated Managing and Valuing Diversity workshops for the managers and front line employee of the corporation. Ed was responsible for facilitating management training courses in Memphis and Indianapolis, as well as conducting consulting activities for managers, professionals, and employees. ??Ed also was responsible for conducting the corporation’s Effective Presentation Skills workshop and the Instructional Skills workshop. In addition to being employed at FedEx Express Ed was also a consultant to the Memphis Race Relations and Diversity Institute. Ed‘s consulting assignments have included large corporations as well as small not for profit organizations throughout the United States. 

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